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LENS Geo-Analytics

Find the optimal location to grow your business using the most robust and accurate geo-spatial solution in Mexico.

Our solutions

Geographic expansion strategies
We elaborate sales forecasts in any location around the country through unique machine learning models made just for your company. We generate potential performance heatmaps all over the country for help you expand your business with a high probability of success.
Micro-regions characterization
We carry out socio-demographic,  business and competitive environment characterization using hundreds of variables for each location. Benefit from out proprietary data bases and models.
Commercial strategy
We analyze micro-markets potential and the performance of your locations to refine your business strategy: sales targets by location, store layout and format, staff size and profile, marketing strategy, etc.
Personalized consulting
We develop tailored solutions to solve any geo-spatial challenge. We have a team of expert consultants, as well as data bases and proprietary methodologies to help you make strategic business decisions.

Advantages of our solutions

High accuracy
Our machine learning models can predict your sales level for any location. We develop a unique customized model for your company.
Proprietary models
Ranging from socio-economic level per block to floating population estimation models, we have developed internal models to have more relevant information.
Relevant variables
LENS has hundreds of proprietary geographic variables. Including socio-demographic, socio-economic level, crime maps, number of companies, floating population, among others.
Strategic robustness
LENS has extensive experience in strategic consulting to implement tailor-made solutions, generating direct impact on your business.

Develop a solutions with LENS on 4 steps

Understanding of the situation

We understand your company's needs considering strategic and technical aspects.

Development of a predictive model

We develop a unique predictive model for your company, identifying the geo-marketing variables that define sales success.

Solution implementation

We implement a customized solution that includes heatmaps of potential zones, sales  predictions for any location, detailed characterization of the market, as well as the development of a business model.

Continuous support and updates

We provide continuous support after the implementation and keep the information updated to ensure the predictability of the models.

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