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At LENS, we are continuously recruiting people with sound analytical capabilities and a strong interest in learning.


Our team is made of young, competent consultants who have a solid academic training in the best universities in Mexico and abroad.

Our team members have the opportunity to learn about different disciplines and industries, to experience rapid professional development in an open-door company environment and with a healthy work-life balance.

At LENS, we continuously recruit people with strong analytical skills and interest in learning, who are in their last  university semesters or in their first years of their careers. We are looking for capable candidates, willing to learn and grow with our firm. We look for outstanding academic performance and robust quantitative and analytical skills. Majors of our recruits are usually engineering, economics, finance, administration and mathematics. 


Our alumni have been consistently admitted to business and engineering programs in some of the leading universities around the world. Those who have not returned to our firm post completion of their graduate work are currently successful entrepreneurs or work at leading international consulting firms and private equity funds.

If you are interested in being part of our firm, send us your CV to and we will get in touch with you.
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