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We believe that designing a company's strategy is a task that should not be outsourced. Our clients share this belief and that is the reason why they retain us to work together developing and updating their strategy. This is so because they value our critical thinking, experience and neutrality.


Specifically, our contribution to this process includes:

  • Rigorous and neutral analyses about the company and its environment

  • Relevant information from external sources

  • Methodology and structure to approach the process, involving the key actors in a timely manner

  • Clarity in the final articulation of the strategy

  • Fresh, independent points of view about the issues 


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A good strategy should help achieve clarity about a company's priorities and direction across the board. This is essential for companies to effectively materialize their goals and objectives.

Working together, our clients obtain a precise definition and articulation of their strategies thus allowing them to:

  • Generate consistence and clarity of direction among the management team

  • Establish concrete goals and objectives, which are aligned with the vision and strategy of the business

  • Establish clear criteria and priorities to facilitate decision-making at different levels

  • Develop / enhance competitive advantages

  • Communicate effectively the vision and long-term plan to the Board, shareholders and other key stakeholders

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