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LENS is the result of the merger of Apothem Analytics and V Consultores with the purpose of enhancing the value added to our clients.

LENS combines over 65 years of accumulated partner experience in strategy consulting acquired by its partners at the world's most important consulting firms and through the solid track record of their independent consulting firms in Mexico.

V Consultores is established as top management consulting firm focused on strategy and organization design.
Both firms start working together, expanding and strengthening our service offerings.
Apothem is born as a consulting firm focused on strategy and analytics.
Apothem and V Consultores merge to create LENS.
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Sergio Echeverría

Sergio assists clients in various industries, including banking, insurance, retail and entertainment with an emphasis on strategy issues and the application of advanced analytical techniques to support the understanding and solution of business challenges. Sergio also leads the development and update of LENS proprietary analytical tools and resources used in our projects. 

Before founding LENS and Apothem, he spent several years at McKinsey & Company, where he worked in multiple sectors in several countries. 

He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the UIA, where he graduated with honors and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management with a concentration in Finance.

Luis Manuel Bisteni

Luis works with companies in various industries, including banking, insurance, consumer and retail, with a focus on digital strategy and advanced analytics.


He has an 8-year career at McKinsey & Company and 4 years at LENS, focused on analytics and digital transformation issues. At McKinsey, he led the Advanced Analytics team in the Mexico office .


He obtained an MBA from Columbia Business School. He has a degree in Actuaries from ITAM, with a certification from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) in the United States.

Gonzalo Morales

Gonzalo leads strategy, organizational design and project evaluation projects in a variety of industries. He also leads most of the  projects with entrepreneurs and new businesses.

Prior to founding LENS and V Consultores, he worked at Oliver Wyman and Everis, where his experience focused on the energy and transport infrastructure industries.


He holds an Industrial Engineering degree from the UIA and an MBA from INSEAD in Singapore and France, graduating with honors from both institutions. He serves as Chairman of the Board for ChildFund Mexico and as an adviser to several startups. 

Daniel Silva

Daniel works with companies and NGOs addressing strategic and organization issues in various sectors, most recently including real estate, banking, hospitality and energy.

Before founding LENS and V Consultores, he was a partner and consultant at Oliver Wyman, Análisis y Desarrollo de Proyectos, Echeverría & Silva, Grupo Consultor Ejecutivo and McKinsey & Company. 

He holds a PhD in Economics from Northwestern University and a BA in Economics from ITAM. He lectured undergraduate and postgraduate programs at ITAM and the UIA. He was a consultant at the World Bank and a fellow at Berlin's International Institute of Management and the Sloan Foundation. Daniel sits on the boards of ChildFund International and ChildFund Alliance.

Enrique Gómez Serrano

Enrique leads projects about strategic planning and commercial optimization through the development of predictive models.  He also focuses on economic development issues in the energy, infrastructure and real estate sectors.

Prior to founding LENS and being a partner at Apothem, he worked for several years at McKinsey & Company where his projects spanned multiple industries and countries. He was also a consultant in turnaround projects for manufacturing and operations companies.

Enrique holds degrees in Applied Mathematics, a Masters in Economics Theory from the ITAM and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Currently he is a visiting professor at IPADE.

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