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We help our clients develop analytical models to predict with greater certainty key aspects of their commercial strategy such as: demand, loyalty, retention, desertion and other customer behaviors, cross-selling, promotion impact, prices, performance of new or hypothetical branches, among other topics.

Working with us, customers accelerate the adoption of advanced analytics solutions in business areas that take advantage of all the structured and non-structured information generated everyday, both within the company and in external sources. In all our projects, we bring analytical rigor based on evidence, using the most advanced methods to take advantage of the wealth of data in the company and its environment.

Our clients have better information to make business decisions leading to more sales and less costs in areas such as attraction, promotion and commercial infrastructure. Other benefits for our clients include:

  • Validation or deepening of the client's understanding

  • Building a data and decision-making based on evidence culture

  • Optimization and focus of information storage costs and efforts

  • Detection of critical areas to improve the capture and processing of information

  • Generation of competitive advantages

In addition to the commercial strategy aspects, these predictive models and techniques can be applied to other business areas like Human Resources, Operations and Logistics.

Machine Learning and predictive models

We can generate direct impact on your business with our machine learning analytical solutions.
Our solutions are implementable and are designed to improve the predictive power of traditional models, and to automate some processes.
Examples of our solutions include: Demand prediction models, pricing models, direct marketing, fraud detection systems, customer retention strategy, among others.
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We can help our clients develop a geographical expansion plan, and evaluate and improve the performance of your current locations.
LENS Geo-Analytics is the most robust and accurate geo-spatial system in Mexico due to the quality of the variables it uses (most of them proprietary) and its proven prediction methodology. Through our models, we can predict your sales levels for any location, identifying the key micro-markets and internal variables that determine your sales.
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