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Machine Learning

Enhance the predictive power of traditional models and generate direct impact on your profits through a set of advanced analytical solutions with LENS ML.

Our solutions

Demand forecasts
We help you identify the factors that affect purchase volumes and develop a dynamic model to accurately estimate demand over time at the SKU, customer, store and geographic level. Having an accurate demand model allows for a better planning on topics such as productions, purchases, inventory management, price definition, among others.
Pricing and promotions
Develop a continuously optimized pricing and offers strategy. LENS ML offers a robust solution to forecast elasticities and perform customer segmentation according to price sensitivity incorporation competitors pricing data. Results are measurable in the short term, with a direct impact on profitability without any capital investments.
Direct marketing

Increase your sales with a customer specific recommendations and offers analytical solution developed using advanced predictive models based on historical customer purchase behavior analysis.

Our predictive models are programmed to increase their accuracy as new data is fed to them, ensuring that the offers and recommendations become increasingly relevant to your customers.

Online recommendations system
Maximize your online sales by developing a robust automatic recommendations system. Using different machine learning algorithms, we use consumption your customers' consumption patterns and browsing history to generate relevant recommendations for items such as books, news, properties, etc.
Customer segmentation
Develop a robust segmentation model of statistically differentiated customers in order to generate a customer-level strategy (e.g., differentiated service by segment, new business lines).
Our machine learning models allow multiple variables to be incorporated to them and automatically update segments on your systems.
Credit risk
LENS ML has developed advanced analytical methods to enhance your credit risk models using non-traditional information, helping you grow your portfolio and serve new customer segments without incurring in greater risk.
Customer retention
LENS ML helps you understand the key factors on customer desertion and identifies customer segments with high desertion probability in order to implement targeted retention initiatives.
Fraud prevention
Add our algorithms to your business and develop a predictive model, updated on real time, to identify suspicious transactions and diminish fraud costs, as well as the false positives rate. Regardless of the fraud nature, our models can be applied to bank transactions, e-commerce platforms and insurance.
Normally, insurance and risk and pricing models consider only a limited group of variables. This causes some customers paying higher fees than their risk level demands, while subsidizing customers with a higher risk profile. LENS ML's methodology enables the development of a high-precision risk and pricing model that has a direct impact on insurance companies. These models posses the functionality to learn and increase their precision without the need to re-program them.
Call-center optimization
We offer advanced machine learning algorithms to optimize the management of your call center:
  1. Maximize your conversion rate by identifying customer segments with the highest purchase propensity, as well as the best sales script for each customer.
  2. Optimize time and minimize your sales clerk costs by identifying the optimal call time and frequency for each customer.

Our approach

Machine Learning your way
All of our solutions are entirely customized for your business. Our strategic consulting capabilities combine knowledge and an understanding of the business to aid us on developing the best machine learning solution for you.

Understanding the challenge

We understand your business needs and objectives and afterwads we create a proposal for you that adapts to your business.

Development of solutions

We develop a tailored model through advanced machine learning methodologies, making sure results are actionable and can generate direct impact on your company.


and support

We implement models and solutions in your company and will train your staff. We offer continuous support to keep solutions and models up to date with new information, guaranteeing that they remain relevant to your needs.

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