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Corporate Venturing models are becoming more and more relevant as part of the innovation efforts and the growth bets of a large number of companies worldwide. Through them, companies seek to improve their understanding of key trends in technology and markets, and identify and collaborate with new business models that are frequently not compatible with their internal structures and capabilities. 


These initiatives include: 

  • Corporate Venture Capital, where companies create an area or subsidiary in charge of searching, analyzing and investing in startups for strategic reasons.

  • Corporate Venture Building, where companies choose to create, equip and develop new companies based on ideas and needs identified in their different innovation efforts.


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LENS is a company built and run by entrepreneurs. We have helped various Mexican startups investing our capital, time and talent. We have also followed the developement of many others through venture capital funds or as mentors and non-profit counselors. We acknowledge entrepreneurs and their companies as agents of change in the economy and society that can contribute and benefit from linking up with large corporations in their innovation programs.

Combining our experience and capabilities we have found that we can build a bridge between large companies and startups so that important synergies can materialize. We have experienced the enormous potential of achieving these alliances first-hand, and also learned about the obstacles that frequently block these efforts from being successful.

Despite important progress, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mexico is still at an early development stage. We believe that the potential innovation and disruption of the new generations of Mexican entrepreneurs represents not only threats to incumbents, but more importantly, great opportunities for consolidated companies.

Startups with whom we have collaborated include:


Craft brewery based in Queretaro

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Services payment solutions aimed at the bottom of the pyramid


Rainwater collection system


Bespoke shirts and suits


Flexible digital manufacturing


Craft brewery based in Colima


High quality bespoke suits


Technology solutions for payment processing on traditional channels


Ophthalmology clinics network

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